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About climate in ItalyGeographical position of Italy causes considerable weather differences between northern mountain region and plains in the south. Local weather conditions depend on altitude and coastal effects. Though the northern part is protected by the mountain range, temperatures sometimes drop below zero in winters, while temperatures in the south never get severe drops. Mountain areas are rather colder with severe, long winters. However, hot air from the coast causes thunderstorms in the mountains, thus causing the great change between the seasons.

Towards the south along the mountain range of the Apennines, these regions are characterized by mild climate all year round for they are protected by hills and mountains.
The rest has a pleasant climate with long, hot summers and mild winters.

Rainfall is higher in the north, while hot and dry African winds keep humidity down in the southern parts. Cooler winds from the north often bring rain and storms.
Generally speaking, Italy has favourable climatic conditions, Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers, mild winters, sunny springs and autumns.

Not only Italy has become a popular summer destination, but it is gaining popularity with winter visitors as well thanks to its splendid alpine resorts.



General information on ItalyGeneral information
Italy is divided into 20 regions, each unique and interesting in its own way each offering a diversity of landscape, arts and surroundings.

Italian historyItalian history
Due to its geographical position, Italy has experienced many invasions and has been home to different civilizations; Greeks, Etruscans and Gauls.

The Italian cuisine is known worldwideGastronomy
The Italian cuisine is known worldwide and famous for its diversity, healthy balance, flavoured ingredients, always inspired to be more inventive in preparing meals.

Italian tradition and customsCulture and Events
Italian tradition and customs, influenced by other countries and civilizations on this territory contributed to cultural and historical heritage of Europe.

Attraction highlights in ItalyHighlights
Italy is certainly one of the most attractive vacation countries, rich in history, culture, natural beauties and many tourist features.

Useful travel tipsTravel tips
Some useful traveltips for traveling through Italy.


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